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Screen Enclosures

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Screen enclosures provide multiple benefits for both the patio and pool deck:


1)  Screen enclosures provide maximum visibility and their strength resists sagging.  Imagine you sitting back and breathing in the fresh air flowing through your new screen patio room or pool deck.


2)  The cost effectiveness of owning a screen enclosure is a major benefit for homeowners.  Cleaning and filtering the pool on a continual basis can get pretty expensive.  A screen enclosure does the great work of keeping out debris such as tree leaves, dirt, bugs, and other common items that can problems for the pool.


3)  They provide protection against all types of weather changes.  This is especially important in the summer as it helps reduce those harmful UV rays.


4)  A screen enclosure can add aesthetic beauty to your patio or pool deck.  With many diverse designs, colors, and materials to match, a homeowner can really add an amazing appearance to the area.